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Have a look at some past projects…

Database Applications

QEWR: Workshop Tracking

QEWR is a system used by a nonprofit organization that conducts community programs and workshops across California. The system is used to schedule and report on workshops, and to keep track of facilitators and participants, and to generate reports on the activities of the organization.

Sponsorship Matching

The sponsorship matching system was built for a nonprofit organization who works with immigrants in detention in need of sponsors and volunteers across the country willing to provide that sponsorship. The system is used to track relevant details about clients and volunteers, to match them with one another, tracking match status and important dates.

Custom Tools


This is a tool created for special education teachers and therapists to support their students who use assistive technology for communication. The application allows the creation of “switch-accessible launch pages” for their students. Such a page displays a full-screen set of graphical and auditory links to games, videos, or websites, that are navigable via a simple input device. The application provides a rich user interface for building such pages, and libraries of graphics to choose from, and multiple options for generating audio cues. (Uploading files, generating text-to-speech, or recording directly in the application).

Food Pantry Service App

A small utility designed for mobile devices to assist in managing food distribution for a particular church’s small-scale food bank. On distribution day, clients proceed through the line visiting a series of stations, receiving a set of food items at each one. The problem is, without knowing how many clients will show up, estimating how much of an item to give each client so that the full inventory is distributed as equitably and completely as possible. The app assists with that estimation by allowing the manager to input the inventory at the beginning of the day, adjusting the client count during distribution, and view a calculated “units-per-person” metric for each station.

Visualization / Special Interest

Map Library

Built upon the leaflet.js library, this allows for the creation of fully open source yet feature-rich maps, providing an alternative to proprietary mapping products such as Google maps or ArcGIS.

Timewave Explorer

This application was developed to explore an esoteric yet fascinating idea put forth by the late Terence McKenna: that the ancient I Ching symbols contain a pattern that can be mathematically transformed into a graph (a “fractal timewave”) of overall novelty in the universe over all of history. To understand fully what the heck this thing is, you’d have to delve into a very strange rabbit hole, and is not something most would care to do. However, this software is included here as it demonstrates an attractive user interface, has been used by a number of folks who have entered the rabbit hole and are keen to explore it. (And – not to brag – it has received complements from the author who worked with McKenna back in the nineties to develop the original version of the software)